Will Alkaline Water keep me better hydrated?

It’s now an established fact that the average person in the modern world is likely suffering from some level of chronic dehydration and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. In part it’s because people are drinking so many non-water acidic drinks like soda or sports drinks, but it’s also because the water they’re drinking is probably becoming more acidic and less hydrating.

Consider the differences between homegrown organic strawberries and those that come from large corporate farms that travel long distances to sit in the produce area of supermarkets.
Just because it’s called water or comes in a plastic water bottle or out of the faucet doesn’t mean it’s properly hydrating your body.


In a world where there’s over 120,000 different types of chemicals in use with thousands added every year to the list… not all water is created equal folks. Water can die in fact, or go stagnant and become highly acidic.

What do you think happens to highly-processed water that goes through massive networks of underground pipes, huge industrial machinery, and gets doused with substances like chlorine and fluoride?

You need to be consuming roughly 8 glasses of water a day, and you might already be doing so which is great. But, if the quality of that water is low your “hydration” level will still fall short. This is especially true for people who depend on bottled purified or distilled water which is stripped of its mineral content.

As you read through testimonials from alkaline water drinkers you’ll hear a ton about increased energy levels. This happens because A) the body’s nutrient/water delivery system is working better and B) the water itself is of higher quality with higher oxygen and nutrition content.

In truth there is still too little empirical evidence to say for an absolute certainty that alkaline water hydrates better. But that also goes for evidence that shows the opposite. Instead what we have are seemingly endless personal testimonials and reviews that lavish alkaline water with love and adoration.

How does Acidity and Alkalinity effect my body?

The body is made up on 60% water.
But here’s the deal: you are what you drink much more so than what you eat or breathe simply because your body is primarily water used as a conductor of energy.

Every second of every day your body is busy regulating systems to keep you in a state of homeostasis. Two big ones are a) body temperature and b) the acid-alkaline or pH balance.

As if that wasn’t multifaceted and confounding enough, each part of your body has a different pH requirement. One of the most important, blood, which is also primarily water, MUST be slightly alkaline at 7.36.

Now, if your temperature goes too far one way or another you got big problems, right? It’s no different with pH balance. If your body’s ability to maintain ideal acidity throughout itself is compromised to even a small degree there are disastrous consequences. Some happen immediately while others negatively accumulate over time (degenerative).

By far, for most people in the “first” or “developed” world everything is increasing internal/external acidity. Wouldn’t you agree? The more acidic, the more corrosively filled with protons. The more alkaline, the more electrons there are which ensures an oxygen rich environment.

Furthermore, you understand that your body is filled to the brim (especially the immune system) with billions of symbiotic microorganisms that you depend on for a gauntlet of reasons. Most of them require an alkaline and oxygenated environment to thrive, not acidic.

Why should I worry about Acidosis?

You don’t want to be on either extreme in terms of pH. When your body is acidic to the point of system-shock that’s acidosis. It indicates that your chemical balance is way off because there’s too much in circulation for some reason or your body isn’t getting rid of it fast enough. There are many known causes for metabolic acidosis and human studies are still ongoing.

However, back in 2009 a group of researchers used ionized alkaline water to treat dogs and rats in a metabolic acidosis study. Here’s what they found and it’s been widely cited in scientific journals since then:
“Alkaline ionized water can be considered as a major safe strategy in the management of metabolic acidosis secondary to renal failure or dialysis or urinary diversion.”

Look around, do you think modern human beings are suffering from too much alkalinity or metabolic syndrome brought on by lesser-forms of acidosis which are considered to be a factor in obesity, obesity-related diseases, hypertension, heart disease, and the like?

Test yourself and find the balance that works for you.

Many people drink 8 to 10 glasses of high alkalinity water. Many others only four or 5 supplemented with simply purified water, etc.

To see where you’re at, you can test the pH levels of your urine/saliva. More recent human studies have shown that when your urine is at 6.1 alkalinity or greater, symptoms of metabolic syndrome substantially decrease over time to zero.

Here’s an acid-base balance and hydration study conducted in 2010 from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine to back this up that concluded, “Consumption of AK water was associated with improved acid-base balance (i.e., an alkalization of the blood and urine) and hydration status when consumed under free-living conditions. In contrast, subjects who consumed the placebo bottled water showed no changes over the same period of time. These results indicate that the habitual consumption of AK water may be a valuable nutritional vector for influencing both acid-base balance and hydration status in healthy adults.”

Everyday it’s becoming more highly understood that the more acidic we are, the more prone we are to internal environments that breed chronic diseases!

Why are there so many different Ionizer Machines on the market?

For the same reason that there are 40 different types of toothpaste or any other home appliance you can think of. If there were just one machine brand that would equal a monopoly.

We admit that the alkaline ionizer machine industry has had its share of controversy and MLM scandals. This always happens when a medical breakthrough leaves hospitals and private clinics and goes on sale across the world.

Today you have a large assortment of brands and machines to choose from that all have their own take on things, different power sources, materials sources from different places, slightly different LCD screens, price points, and features etc.

Our mission here at YesWater is to provide the miracle of these machines at a more competitive price. By all means, this is a serious investment so do as much research as it takes to find the machine that strikes a chord with you and your family. We believe we represent something special, and stand behind our product along with our customer service and extra benefits.

Does my state of mind impact my internal pH balance? Will I be happier?

We say yes, without a shadow of doubt the answer is a resounding YES! While there are many different approaches we could take here, in our opinion the best way is through the important work and research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

His goal was to unravel the mysteries of water and so he studied it around the world for years. Eventually he began to pay special attention to the frozen form of water and discovered that the crystals that take shape could be manipulated.

He began to subject water to many different types of stimuli, from the presence of a happy child to different forms of music and everything produced different water crystals. In essence what he found was that clean, natural or living water, and water exposed to positive stimuli (like happiness) created beautiful, complex, transfixing and enigmatic shapes. Polluted water, and water subjected to negative music and emotions like anger created ugly, chaotic, and fragmented structures.
Now, you’re 75% water so what kinds of water is circulating through your veins right now in terms of your daily thoughts, diet, and emotions? Obviously the good doctor is right in believing that our mental and emotional states have a profound impact on our water-based bodies.

From this perspective it shouldn’t shock you at all when you read through the countless testimonials from alkaline water enthusiasts who are adamant that living alkaline water increases the quality of their intellectual and emotional selves.

Can My Pets Safely Drink Alkaline Water?

Of course! The parallels between how it impacts your body and theirs is rather impressive actually. Think about all the ways that higher acidity levels could manifest in a pet, from their fur, skin and attitude to their overall health and shedding patterns.

Sure, there’s tons of attention being given to human acidity levels in our diets and drinking but very little is given to our pets. In terms of cats and dogs, did you know that the growth rates of pet-cancers and degenerative diseases is somewhat comparable to the human species?

It makes sense. Common pet foods are as processed, if not more so, than human foods. And, how much more tap water do animals drink compared to their owners? It’s off the charts! In nature, like humans for tens of thousands of years, animals draft the same natural living water we did.

Today it’s a completely different story isn’t it. Your pets likely need detoxification as much as you do. Their bodies are getting overwhelmed with heavy metals and environmental toxins too! The benefits of drinking water is essential identical for them! It’s going to completely cleans their body, give them far higher concentrations of oxygen and antioxidants, and increase their fitness levels.

Keep in mind that they may experience some of the unpleasant initial things that come along with serious detoxification. They could look sick or flu-like until this passes but once it does their senses will be heightened, their energy levels will be better, and they’ll be much happier.

Pet owners have shown through reviews and picture-backed testimonials how their furry friends developed shinier healthier coats of fur after a couple months of supplementing their diet with alkaline water. They get not just shinier, but thicker as well and if you stop giving them ionized water their coats will return to “normal” for the lack of a better term.
Approach the pH settings the same way you did, or y

ou would when introducing a child’s body. Test their urine and saliva to see where they’re at then start slightly above and work your way up to much higher levels like 10.0.

How Will The Alkaline Water Interact with My Stomach Acid?

Stomach acid, or hydrochloric acid, is probably the most well-known acid. Whenever you eat food and it enters the stomach, your body secretes sodium bicarbonate which is an alkalizing agent. Your Hydrochloric acid is the byproduct of the sodium bicarbonate production and doesn’t mix with your food when it’s being digested because that would be disastrous.

Alkaline water acts as a buffer which helps counteract the way hydrochloric acid lowers the energy potential of everything you ingest. You’re giving your stomach a helping hand basically so that the nutritious your body needs gets extracted and delivered quicker on the cellular level.

This is also why many people find relief from acid-reflux issues when they start drinking ionized water. So the answer is no, alkaline water doesn’t hurt or disrupt your digestive system. It actually creates an environment where the trillions of microbes in your stomach that play roles in all this can thrive and multiply, which is what our bodies need.

What Are Medical Professionals Saying?

Lets be fair, not all doctors agree on many forms of medicine and diet. You will find studies completed supporting medical use of Alkaline water as well as studies that may suggest otherwise. Below are two doctors that are big supporters of Alkaline water use. We want you to be as informed as possible, ask questions, research benefits yourself, because in that you’ll be empowered!

For: Dr. Kurzweil
He’s not just the Director of Engineering at Google or an incredibly influential pioneer of artificial intelligence, he’s also one of the most prominent minds of our times. And, he’s a BIG believer in the power of alkaline water…for simple reasons.
In his groundbreaking interview, Dr. Kurzweil admits that initially he was quite skeptical. So, the first thing he did was purchase a machine and conduct experiments himself at home. What he discovered is that,
“The most important feature of alkaline water produced by a water alkalinizer is its oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with a high negative ORP is of particular value in its ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals.”
Yes, the same highly unstable free radicals that age us and breakdown the cells of our bodies by stealing their electrons. Alkaline water becomes an abundant source of electrons for free radicals which thereby renders them harmless. He then goes on to point out that,
“Another benefit of drinking alkaline water is that it assists in the absorption of minerals… By drinking high negative ORP alkaline water, you combat metabolic acidosis and improve absorption of nutrients.”
His interview is very technical and full of scientific verbiage but you get the idea. He states the two primary benefits quite plainly and upon a little further investigation you’ll see the studies he cites are indicative of a man of his stature in the scientific community.

For: Dr. Rita Ellithorpe
In late 2014, she gave a very informative lecture that was recorded and published on YouTube for all to see. She spends the first seven minutes going into serious detail in terms of human biology and the importance of water and alkalinity.
Dr. Ellithorpe then zeroes in on these three destructive forces: oxidation, inflammation, and the breakdown of cells which cause what we humans perceive as aging. Essentially she uses tons of charts, studies, slides, infographics, and graphs for 23 minutes to demonstrate exactly what Dr. Kurzweil and countless other medical professionals are saying/finding:
The human body’s systems (detoxification, delivery, & digestion) are in need of help due to environmental pressures and lifestyle choices.
Alkaline water lowers access acidity, increases hydration levels, and combats free radical damage. When mineralized it’s a double-whammy of restorative and regenerative cellular power.
She’s also a published author that writes and lecture on detoxification. Here’s a paraphrased quote from her book Detox Outside the Box:
“Even before babies leave the womb, they are tainted with multiple pollutants via their mothers’ exposure and accumulations. From mercury-contaminated fish to mercury in vaccines, dental fillings, and calamine lotion, to cadmium spewing from car exhaust and cigarette smoke, we are awash in a flood of heavy metal pollution.”
Look at what’s happening in the Pacific Ocean thanks to the still ongoing Fukushima disaster, or in the Atlantic thanks to oil spills! Look at what’s happening to our rivers and aquifers! Heavy metals are lacing almost everything for those living in and around many metropolitan areas of the world and it’s accumulating…
Her opinions concerning alkaline water treatments and the need for detoxification are not just based on studies and common facts concerning our environment. They’re based on her own experiences and those of her clients that she’s helped as a practicing physician for 14 years restore their bodies and combat degenerative conditions.
We could go on and on and on. More doctors are chiming in all the time and the truth is that the VAST majority of them are for having access to technology like ours that provide a steady stream of ionized, alkalized, and purified water.

Refunds 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you the time needed to see if your water alkaline machine is right for you. We do include a ph tester with every machine purchased.. If for any reason you are not satisfied and need a return, we will refund the full purchase price minus the shipping fees. To return a purchase, The water machine must be in their original box, include all product material, and received within 30 days.

Our Return Policy after 30 days.
After 30 days if you want to return the machine we credit a 50% refund minus shipping on any water machines. The machines do not need to be in their original purchase condition. Please email us to request a Return Merchandise Authorization number and we will send return instructions.
A partial refund is eligible up to one year from the purchase date.

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