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Will Alkaline Water Help Me Lose Weight?

This comes as a surprise to lots of people, but “fat” is actually defensive and protective in nature. When your body seems determined to put it on or keep it on, in most cases this is because it’s trying to shield you from something going on inside. If you’re struggling with obesity, a big part of this may have to do with your acidity/toxicity levels.

This is as true for people in good shape though as it is for those dealing with obesity. How about all those people who can’t seem to get rid of that last 20-30 lbs?

Mainstream diet fads have everyone focused on food intake and exercise, but for many people nothing changes. What gives? Oftentimes these folks are really just dehydrated or internally they’re too acidic which means less oxygen, energy, and hypertrophy (muscle growth). Then they work out, which itself produces higher acid content and the problem compounds.

The Current Research of Professor Tim Spector

The weight loss industry is currently shaking at its very foundation because of the work of this world renowned geneticist and King’s College London expert who’s been studying the trillions of bacteria living within your digestive system.

We’ve always understood that these microbes play significant roles in our lives, but his work and recent book The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat reveals bushels of clear evidence.

In a May 2015 article, The Daily Mail UK, explained his medical findings like so, “The root of the problem,” Spector says, “May be our modern diet and its effect on our gut bugs. Compared with our ancestors, we have only a fraction of the diversity of microbial species living in our guts.”

Basically, if we cater our diets for these beneficial microbes they’ll help us lose weight and enjoy a much higher quality of life. In essence, add much more variety to your diet to add complexity to your internal flora network.

But what role is water acidity playing in the lives of these microbes? Negative, or bad, bacteria not only thrive on processed junks foods but also in acidic environments!

Dr. Ray Kurzweil (who drinks 10 glasses of alkaline water a day) agrees with Professor Spector.

Here’s a quote from his big interview on the subject that went viral:

“Alkaline water encourages “friendly” anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract, and discourages “unfriendly” aerobic organisms.”

He then goes on to cite the research of Vorobjeva NV who discovered, “Many diseases of the intestine are due to a disturbance in the balance of the microorganisms inhabiting the gut. The treatment of such diseases involves the restoration of the quantity and/or balance of residential microflora in the intestinal tract.”

The point here is that yes, being better hydrated and creating much better internal environments is going to help you lose weight for a myriad of reasons; most important of which involves the trillions of symbiotic microorganisms that aid your body in terms of metabolism and digestion.

Studies like this one on the effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water come out on a continuous basis both from official and independent sources. In the 2011 study they put 4 obese adults averaging 255 lbs. through the ringer in terms of testing and measurements to see how alkaline water treatment helped or hindered weight loss.

Two months later they had all lost weight with an average loss of 6 lbs. per month. Keep in mind the only thing they changed in their lifestyle was the introduction of 2 liters a day of alkaline water at a pH level of 10.2-10.6.

That’s it! They didn’t change anything else: food, sleep patterns, stress levels, none of it. All they did was have these people drink some alkaline water once a day. Because of that small change they experienced healthy and gradual weight loss.

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