Success Stories

I have been anemic all my life. Since I was kid, taking daily naps was just what I had to do or I was exhausted. I couldn’t give blood, every time I tried the blood would float. Since all three of my kids were 10 and older I have been having problems with hyperglycemia. I would get so weak and fainty if I didn’t eat a huge breakfast and lunch. All of my friends were telling me to go to the doctors to get tested for diabetes. I was so scared to do that. The last thing I wanted was to give my self insulin shots 3 times a day- yikes!
I prayed everyday and asked for a healthy solution. A few months later I ran into an old friend in Wal-Mart I had not seen in 14 years. I ended up talking to him for an hour and all he wanted to talk about was alkaline water and how it helped his high blood pressure become normal again. He said that he lost weight even though he was eating fast food every day. He couldn’t convince me enough to drink alkaline water. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything, he just was so passionate about it. The next day I researched the internet and found yeswater. I bought the machine that day!
I am no longer anemic, no more naps and no more hyperglycemia! My kids and I rarely get colds, but when we do, they last 2 days at the most. My 11 year old has a mild form of aspersers. He had facial ticks that he would sometimes do every 10 seconds to a minuet. After he started drinking the water his ticks slowly faded and now after 8 months I rarely see him do any ticks. It’s wonderful. I couldn’t be more happy with the water. Thank you so much for offering such a great machine. I will continue to drink the alkaline water for the rest of my life!

I had gout. Its painful and not great looking. My attracts happen often. I have been drinking the alkaline water from you guys for about 5 months it has been a god sent!
I was taking pills but then stopped since drinking the water and I have had zero episodes. If you have gout then drink this water! Take care of your body and exercise more, I am now.

My family loves the taste. Its softer and smoother then regular water or bottled water.
I notice how different my water tastes when eating out or when I drink bottled water.
I recommend ionized water to anyone reading this. Some of my friends grab a couple gallons of water every time they come over. My girl friends back was hurting for a few months. She refused to go to the doctor. So I told her to drink the water and her back was normal again after 3 days. I think it was her kidneys that were giving her that pain. Anyway, she only drank a couple glasses a day and it cleared up -whatever it was.

We live in the Houston and drinking tap water here is really nasty. my sinks, toilets and bath tubs have a big yellow stain on them. We just started using the machine a couple weeks ago. The set up was easy. My husband used a wrench and 15 min later it was set up. I like how it turns on right when I flip the thing on the faucet. The water tastes a lot better even though its still the city water. This might sound strange but my body and brain feels better after drinking it. I give it to my 2 year old too.

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