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Six Key Benefits of Drinking Aklaline Water


A alkaline ionizer raises the alkalinity of the liquid flowing through your veins and kidneys. Here’s the ultra-simple Wikipedia explanation which summarizes perfectly what’s technically happening to the water:

“Despite being described as ‘water ionizers’ the machines are designed to work as water electrolyzers. This is an electrochemical process in which water is split to form hydrogen and oxygen by an electric current… During this process the water near the anode is acidic while the water near the cathode is alkaline. Water ionizers work by simply syphoning off the water near the cathode. This contains increased levels of hydroxide (OH−) and would be expected to have a higher pH (i.e. be more alkaline).”

So, you drink the water which has a much higher oxygen (electron) content and this combats free radicals in your system and cleans literally every organ on the cellular level: liver, pancreas, muscular system, digestive tract, etc. It’s designed to raise your body’s alkaline level from where it is if you’re the average human being living around the modern world today (trending acidic).

When mineralized, the oxygen and nutrients are not only delivered faster but they’re absorbed at a much more efficient and effective rate because of the electrolysis. This prompts your body to purge itself of access acids and toxins which have built up in your system over time.

The positive effects of this type of detoxification are far ranging.

Lower Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Alright, now there are only two causes of high blood pressure, or hypertension, and they are:

Tightening or clogging of the blood vessels and arteries. This overstresses the heart as it tries to push a nornal level of blood flow through constricted arteries.

An insufficient amount of blood oxygen, which causes the body to go into more strenuous levels of blood production to compensate.

First of all, alkaline ionized water has a much higher oxygen content which is going to lower blood pressure. Then, as a detoxifier, is helps rid the circulatory system of acidic buildup.

Higher Antioxidant Count

It’s perplexing when you first think about it: how can water naturally possess antioxidants? Don’t those only come from the bright-colored food in the produce section?

An antioxidant is any molecule that can stop other molecules from being damaged through the process of oxidation. All liquids have some level of antioxidant ability which is measured in ORP, or oxidation reduction potential.

What this means is that the more powerful the antioxidant liquid in question, the lower the ORP reading will be because as it rises this indicates a higher level of oxidation. Tap water has close to ZERO antioxidant potential because it’s acidic. Alkaline water at a pH of 8.5 though is conversely filled to the brim with antioxidants.

With a much higher antioxidant count, your body can handle free radicals and degenerative threats more effectively.

Weight Loss

Okay all you fitness lovers and weight loss fanatics. It comes down to these three things and how they impact your routine and results:

Increased Hydration: remember, your muscles on the cellular level and cardiovascular system are almost completely composed of water. You know that. But, alkaline water gets rid of lactic acid quicker, improves hydration, and provides…

Increased Oxygen: Your muscles get a good dosage with every gulp! If you want to raise your metabolism through bigger muscles, then water is also a vehicle and the nutrients and oxygen are the food that make them grow.

Less Acidity: Fat is defensive in nature. In part it’s a sign that your body’s too acidic. Alkaline water helps create an internal environment where your body stops these defensive maneuvers. This means more fat less and muscle gain!

However, we feel it’s important you understand that there are a fair amount of scammers out there. The reality is that the mainstream fitness industry has failed. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes rates continue to climb despite everything it’s produced so far in general; fad-wise.

Bottled water isnot as effective as the water that’s created through a water ionizer. And there are a lot of fitness-based alkaline brands that when tested don’t stand up to par. This is why to get the most out of your water and see the most results in your performance levels/body composition, investing in a machine is the wise way to go.

Stronger Bones

This is the research that even opponents of alkaline treatment acknowledge. They admit the link between alkaline water and increased levels of bone health. Highly acidic internal environments cause the body’s balancing mechanisms to become strained, and when overwhelmed it strips alkaline minerals like calcium from your bones to compensate!

Therefore, if you reduce acidity you reduce bone loss. Here’s the clincher: Alkaline mineralized water gets to where it’s needed in the body and is absorbed more efficiently. So in connection to combating bone loss and osteoporosis, alkaline water also helps many people deal with digestive deficiencies as a result of low mineral content.

Economic Investment and Convenience

How much money does one family save in the first year of using a water ionizer machine? It’s hard to say and depends on a variety of thing.

Let’s say a average family could…

Reduce daily energy drink and soda consumption by 30%.

Reduce the need to purchase bottled water by 100%.

Save money on cleaners, disinfectants, and stain removers.

Overall health improvement results in health care expenses decreased by up to 30%.

Whoa…now we’re talking potential for serious savings. It’s hard to quantify the complete financial impact or the convenience our technology produces. But it’s not difficult to see that it pays for itself in a very short period of time! Cheers to a glass of alkaline water and to your health!

The many uses of Alkalized Water…

You’ll find that there are lots of benefits and uses for water with different levels of alkaline and acidity and once in complete control of your water your culinary lifestyle will become happier and healthier.

The benefits of using Alkalized water in your home goes way beyond body health(recommened, drink 8 glasses of water each day). Use your alkaline water to soak beans and lentils (lowering their acidity), boil your pasta or spaghetti, cook rice, or make a delicious and revitalizing soup or tea.

Strong alkaline water is a cleaner so wash fruits and veggies with it. Tap water doesn’t wash off chemicals. The highest setting of alkaline water will remove all pesticides.

You will see this yourself if you put some uncleansed veggies in one cup with regular tap water and some in another cup with alkaline water and let them sit. By stripping the fruits of all the toxins, pesticides, and herbicides the alkaline water will change color. The tap water cup won’t change color at all.

Additionally you can use high alkaline water to clean your kitchen and cookware. Once you’ve got your ionizer machine you can toss those conventional cleaners, degreasers, and chemical laden bleaches away.

Ionized Acid Wate

You can also use your machine to make highly acidic water for use in the kitchen, for your body and more.

Ionized acid water is a powerful disinfectant capable of wiping out almost all viruses and pathogens on countertops or in the fridge.

Ionized Acid Water is great for the skin!

Applying Ionized Acid Water regularly works like an astringent to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles, however, there is NO chemical residue. It soothes and helps keep the skin clear of acne and other blemishes.

At its strongest level, Ionized Acid Water kills most bacteria on contact.  Cuts, scraps, even serious wounds or fungus concerns can be helped with use of ionized acid water. It takes the itch out of mosquito bites, the sting out of other insect bites.

Ionized Acid Water has been used successfully in treating diabetic ulcers. This is a condition that develops in diabetics where a fester opens in the skin, usually in the legs or feet, which can result in amputation if not promptly treated. These ulcers can become very serious. However, soaking the ulcer in Ionized Acid Water has tremendous healing effects.

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