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Globally the typical human lifestyle is growing more and more acidic…absolutely no one argues this fact.
However, many naysayers of alkaline water claim the human body is designed with its own ways to deal with this acidity. That’s true. But, they fail to recognize that this system is being overtaken and overwhelmed beyond anything our ancestors dealt with. As a result, the body reacts defensively, increasing overall inflammation in critical areas and creating more fat cells to try and neutralize this invading acidic force.
At yeswater we believe then when you change your water, your body transformes to a more natural balanced vehicle.



Why Do I Need This Machine?

In reality you don’t need a machine to create alkaline water. If push comes to shove you can add some baking soda, lemons, or pH drops to water to increase its alkaline content. Our machine provides two primary benefits in this respect: convenience and control.
Instead of buying tons of baking soda, messing with lemons all the time, having to continuously invest in different types of bottled alkaline water, filters (ionizer, distiller, and reverse osmosis) or other appliances, our machine makes your water-life easier. And it’s quite a piece of technology capable of strong electrolysis and stacked with 21st century components!
Here’s something else we acknowledge, alkaline machines will one day be 100% mainstream. They’ll also dramatically drop in price through free market forces. And yes, you and your family could wait until then sure. But in the meantime you’ll be doing yourself and your body a great disservice.
You’re also missing out on a completely new perspective on your life thanks to the almost unbelievably transformative power of alkalinity. Check out our product description for more specs and all the technical wonders involved!

What Are Medical Professionals Saying?

Let’s make this completely fair and cover two doctors that are against human consumption of alkaline water and then two who are big supporters. We want you to be as informed as possible, because in that you’ll be empowered!