What is Alkaline Water?
Alkaline water has a higher alkalinity (which means a higher ph level) than what is normally found in tap or bottled water. Alkaline water is produced through a process called electrolysis.

Why is it beneficial?
Alkaline water benefits your body the moment you start drinking it. It helps move your body toward a less acidic state (or low ph level). Studies have shown a clear link to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced acid reflux, lowered effects of dementia, and improved acid-based balance within your body’s normal systems.

What is an Alkaline water ionizer?

An Alkaline Water ionizer changes the alkalinity in the water you’re using regardless of the source (a well or city treated water from your home tap). An electronic water ionizer use a process that is different from standard mechanical or chemical water filtration. Along with regular water filters, ionizers rely on the process of electrolysis, or ionization to produce water of higher and lower ph levels. Essentially, an alkaline ionizer takes your current water source and improves it. Giving you the HEALTHIEST water your body could ask for.


What Are the Primary Benefits of Using Alkaline Water?

1: Detoxification

2: Lower Blood Pressure and Hypertension

3: Weight Loss

4: Stronger Bones

5: Higher Antioxidant Count

6: Economic Investment and Convenience


Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Boosts Energy
  • Aides Digestion
  • Improves Hydration
  • Efficient Absorption of Nutrients
  • Promotes Regular Bowel Movements
  • Promotes Healthier Skin and Complexion.
  • Promotes Overall Health and Healing
  • Washes Acidic Waste from the Body
  • Helps with Diabetic Condition
  • Good for Pets

Additional Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Cleaner Fruits and Vegetables
  • More Hygenic Home Environment



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